how to make pizza by image

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how to make pizza by image

تنزيل او للتحميل من رابط مباشر اضغط بالاسفل download free 2017 or 2018 تحميل افلام جديدة press the bootem how , image , make , pizzahow to make pizza by imageThe way the pizza 2016

Recipes pizza Hut 2016 action pictures – a new way to work with pictures in 2016 pizzapizza from the kitchen fatakat 2016 -srie preparation white Cheese Pizza

Azykm Naharda Iaahali Girls Bnkdm you Naharda in the Department of Cooking Recipes way to prepare pizza rapid 2016 images and the steps and of course uniforms Matuadna with some of the pizza Htkon amounts and components photos exclusive to the site of my life and Huntaraf with some of this moment on the way to prepare pizza Algelash pictures and steps or the preparation of the white pizza with pictures and the steps that Insha Allah Almighty

The first thing we procssing pizza dough has to be to have the amounts of dough, which are summarized as follows

First Madam I’m not going to need to get pizza or restaurants oven pizza external work you can do in your pizza oven butane Beck and we’ll show you now how prepared was retained brighter

1. In the beginning it has to be brought to a large pot in which the amount of about 200 grams of flour as the image below make pizza image 1441782113791.jpg

2–processing about 20 grams of boiled potatoes and potatoes as image make pizza image 1441782290831.jpg

3- Bring a sharp knife cutting potatoes into small slices make pizza image 1441782434841.jpg

4- Half a small cup of water make pizza image 1441782582481.jpg

5- Teaspoon of honey bees make pizza image 144178266431.jpg

Yeast bread 30 grems make pizza image 1441782774941.jpg

6-Teaspoon salt make pizza image 1441782871531.jpg

7-A teaspoon of olive oil

8-amount of 150 grams of white cheese as image make pizza image 1441783002121.jpg

9-Ingredients phase ended and the moment the way to prepare our appointment with the white pizza step by step pictures of kitchen Vtkac

1. Mix all ingredients to work smooth and soft dough as the image make pizza image 1441783169061.jpg

2. Put the dough in a bowl and leave about half an hour until the brewing and return to it again

3. Get out the dough and then put it in a round dish underneath a white sheet as butter image make pizza image 1441783333471.jpg

4. Unfold the dough with your hands and configurable circular pizza Using your fingers, press the parties and brewing yeast and leave it for about 3 hours as follows step pictures make pizza image 1441783526241.jpg

5-Pour cheese on pizza make pizza image 1441783682531.jpg

6. go in the pizza oven at 230 degree Celsius heat as image make pizza image 144178389861.jpg

7-At the end of the preparation of the pizza be the final form of the white cheese pizza as image make pizza image 1441783964951.jpg

I made this recipe my family channel for cooking Arab – the preparation and submission of Engineer Ahmed Adham – Directed the memberfatakat entitled modus operandi of pizza pictures 2016